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Best Makeup Looks for Asian Faces

Best Makeup Looks for Asian Faces

Follow the lead of these celebrities and accentuate your beauty with similar makeup looks and expert tips.

Did you know that Asia is home to 60 percent of the world's population? Yup, it's true. That means there are a lot of Asian women in the world, from many different countries, and just like every woman: no two Asian women are exactly the same. Face shape, skin tone, bone structure, eye color, etc. all depend on the individual. So what's the one thing all Asian women do have in common? The ability to look absolutely stunning. They do happen to share some similar features and attributes as well, all which can be made up to glorious perfection.

We found examples of the best makeup looks for Asian women on the red carpet worn by gorgeous celebrities like Sandra Oh, Margaret Cho, Lucy Liu and more. These stars show off their radiant skin, pouty lips, flirty lashes and smoldering eyes, and here we'll give you the scoop on the makeup techniques employed to create them, with help from an expert, of course.
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