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Hair Removal Products: 15 Best Shaving Goods


Hair Removal Products:  15 Best Shaving Goods

Bumps, ingrown hairs, and cuts -- oh my. Check out these amazing shaving products to avoid a sc-hairy situation

Until we laser our entire bodies from the neck down or decide to deem body hair on women socially acceptable, we, like it or not, are pretty much forced to deal with the annoying and sometimes unpleasant process of removing our body hair.

And with this demand comes supply of hair removal products -- and lots of them. From gels and creams to razors galore, drugstores are a shaving product haven … but not all products are created equally.

That's why we've sifted through hundreds of reader reviews of hair removal products in order to present you with a list of the best. Readers say these amazing products make the hair removal process much smoother (pun intended).

Readers claim the products have saved them from the ingrown hairs, bumps, redness and irritation that can often result from shaving incorrectly. So before we share the list, check out these tips from Venus Scientist, Claire Girdler on how to get your closest, smoothest, least irritated shave ever:

Tip 1: "It is essential to prepare the skin and hair prior to hair removal," Girdler says. If your skin gets irritated easily, try applying pre-shave oil to the area before your shaving cream for more protection.
Tip 2: "It is advisable to shower or bathe beforehand to ensure that the hair is hydrated with warm water for two to three minutes," says Girdler. "Hydration of the hairs makes them significantly softer and easier to cut, which reduces the feel of tug and pull of the hair during shaving."
Tip 3: Make sure you change your blades frequently (after every five shaves) since blunt blades only require more strokes, which can result in irritated skin.
Tip 4: Pulling the skin taut will "minimize any damage to the skin and will also help the blades cut closer to the skin, resulting in a closer shave," says Girdler.
Tip 5: Apply a post-shave treatment like a fragrance-free, soothing moisturizer with aloe or chamomile. Girdler says, "regular exfoliation and skin moisturization will help reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs."

By Sharon J. Yi

Article found on TotalBeauty


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