Tuesday, April 20

Lipstick Kick

So I've been on this lipstick kick for the last month. I just wanna buy lipstick. I think I've gone so long not wanting lipstick and opting for lip gloss instead that it's come back to haunt me. Maybe I'm growing up and being more mature with my makeup? Who knows? LOL. In the past I thought lipstick were always too drying on my lips but now they've gotten so much better. I still having a hard time finding the right shades for my skin tone so I just keep buying and buying. It started out with MAC then Revlon & Maybelline, and I recently ordered some from NYX. MAC is fairly expensive so I'm taking my time buying it. Revlon & Maybelline always have some kind of sale at drugstore so I get it whenever they are Buy One Get One or 50% off. NYX is usually the least expensive but with such great pigmentation that I bought a handful from Cherry Culture. I've still been picky about what I buy because quality is very important to me but the money is starting to add up. Hopefully this kick will end soon.

The Lipstick Lines I'm Loving...
Revlon's Colorburst
Maybelline's Color Sensation
NYX Round Lipstick
MAC Lipsticks


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