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The 12 Worst Mascaras

The 12 Worst Mascaras

It's official -- we're obsessed with mascara. If this is surprising to you, let us back up that statement by waxing poetic on all of the reasons why: First, it instantly opens up our eyes. Even when we've been burning the candle at both ends, we still manage to look awake thanks to this fabulous eye makeup we call mascara. Second, it makes us look like we actually have eyelashes -- even those of us who were blessed with blonde (aka invisible) lashes or super fine and stubby ones. Third, it creates an instantly feminine, polished makeup look.  Even if it's the only product we take time to apply, it helps us look pulled-together.

So now that we've convinced you that mascara should be the go-to product for all women, it's time to let you in on a few other tidbits. Like, not all mascaras were created equal. How do we know this? Well … let's just say that we've tried enough of them to prove it. What's even better is that our readers have too. Thanks to them we have a list of the mascaras that produce lack-luster lashes (try saying that three times fast). Peruse their feedback to learn which mascaras you should steer clear of -- unless you want flaky raccoon eyes, of course. And hey, if you unknowingly bought one of the eye makeup products on this list already, these mascara tips may help salvage your look:

Tip 1: Improve lash separation by applying your mascara in a swift, zigzag motion from lash root to tip as opposed to one sweeping motion.
Tip 2: Dab the tip of your mascara wand on a tissue to get rid of the glob that tends to form there. It will prevent you from getting uneven, goopy product distribution.
Tip 3: If you use a lash primer, particularly a white one, wait 10 to 30 seconds for the primer to dry before applying your mascara. It will keep the color from looking diluted (i.e. gray instead of black).

See the worst 12 mascaras now.

By Kristen Oldham Giordani, Sarah Carrillo


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