Wednesday, September 7

Cheap Swaps for High-End Makeup


Think you need to pay $30 or more for a decent blush or mascara? Not with these cheap makeup picks that work just as well as high-end beauty products

For the record, we're in no position to judge a good makeup splurge. Our makeup bags are loaded with MAC lip glosses, Nars shadows, and tubes of Lancome mascaras. We'd be giant hypocrites if we told you to always bargain shop for your beauty products. But

It turns out you totally can (and maybe should) hit up the drugstore for your beauty products -- even if you once swore you'd never use anything but your favorite $59 foundation and $24 lipstick. But before you blindly fill up your cart at Target with an aisle's worth of shadows, check out these makeup pros' tips on the drugstore products that are exact -- or nearly exact -- duplicates of high-end makeup.

Trust us, if anyone would know which cheap makeup products can sit next to your splurge-worthy ones, it's these experts. They literally try thousands of beauty products and definitely know a good match when they see one. With these picks you can do your entire face -- from foundation to lip gloss -- without breaking your budget. And the best part? These drugstore picks are all high quality, so no one will know you went the bargain route. Well, unless you decide to spill your secrets, but we'll leave that up to you …

Click here to see cheap makeup swaps for high-end products.

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