Saturday, March 21

Eyelash Beautiful

A must in every makeup bag should be mascara. Here's my take on two of them...

Lash Blast (Waterproof) in one of there newest line of mascara from Covergirl. It comes in a fat orange tube with a bristle application wand. You can find it at any drugstore for around $6-7. I do like this mascara. The bristles separate my eyelashes giving me volume. The mascara goes on smoothly that you don't have to keep reapplying and won't weight down your lashes. I use an eye lash curler before applying this mascara and it holds the shape all day long. It doesn't flake, run, or smudge. The downfall of the Lash Blast is that the wand is unnecessarily big. It's so fat that if you're not careful you could smudge mascara on you face. It's especially hard on the inner and outer corner of your eyes. Also, when they say waterproof they meant it. This mascara doesn't budge. That can be a good or bad thing. It's hard to take it off even with makeup remover. But this is a great mascara otherwise.

Pro: Great Volume, Long Lasting
Con: The fat wand makes it harder to apply.
Buy Again: Yes
Price: $
Packaging: ♦ ♦ ♦
Overall: ♥ ♥ ♥♥

L'Oreal Double Extend Mascara is my newest mascara. I wanted to see if what they were advertising was actually true. They claim that it gives you 80% more length and volume. The mascara is a fat tube with two ends. One end is the the white base/extender (step 1) and the other side is the colored mascara (step 2). The brushes on either end are short, thin, and has covered with bristles. I bought it for around $9-10 and it can be found in any drugstore.
When I first tried this product, it did extend past my lashes when I applied step 1. The mascara was ok. It was a bit gloopy which made it hard to apply and cover the white base. It made my eyelashes stick together and I had to take my eyebrow brush to seperate them. The product also claims that it won't budge till you wash it off with water. That's very much true. I little might come off with makeup remover but it won't really come off until you wash it water. In the end end it did lengthen my lashes and gave me volume but it's the best product I've come across.

Pro: Does lengthen and volumize
Con: Makes you're lashes clump together
Buy Again: Maybe
Price: $
Packaging: ♦ ♦ ♦
Overall: ♥ ♥ ♥


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