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Tarte Flower Child Palette

Tarte's Flower Child Palette is a limited edition palette for Sephora. For $44, it comes with a 10 full size eyeshadows, a double ended eye liner pencil, a double ended eye shadow brush, and a sample of their eye primer.
The palette is a purple pleather case with a flower design in the front. It's a little heavy for a palette, a large mirror on the inside, and closes magnetically. The eyeshadows are magnetize as well and can also be taken out of the palette and replace with another shadow from Tarte. Tarte is big on reuse, reduce, & recycling. They are very Earth/ Vegan friendly. So unlike other palettes that give you sample size shadows, that can't be depot, you get the actual size eyeshadows which can be switched out.

The 10 eyeshadow are all shimmer shades except for one.
Top Row, Left to Right:
  • Shimmering Soft Daffodil
  • Shimmering Ecru Hibiscus
  • Shimmering Pink Peony
  • Shimmering Gray Periwinkle
  • Shimmering Peach Tulip

Bottom Row, Left to Right:
  • Shimmering Firewheel
  • Matte Buttercup
  • Shimmering African Violet
  • Shimmering Deplhinium Blue
  • Shimmering Vibrant Forest Grass
When I first saw this at Sephora and swatched it on my fingers I thought the colors were vivrant and pigmented. When I finally tried this at home I was disappoint to see that it was not as vibrant or pigmented on my lid. All the colors end up very soft. The lighter colors barely show. I do like the lighter colors to use as a highlighter and you could use the shades to blend with other eyeshadows, but on their own they aren't bold enough. This looked so pretty but it just didn't live up to my expectations.

Final Verdict
Pro: Full size eyeshadow that can be removed from the palette, Nice shimmer, Earth/Vegan friendly
Con: Not very pigmented or vibrant when applied to the lids.
Buy Again: No
Price: $ $ $ $ $
Packaging: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Overall: ♥ ♥

Using Ecru Hibiscus (highlight), Delphinium Blue (lid), Gray Periwinkle (outer crease), Buttercup(crease)

Two layer for each color


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