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Urban Decay Lip Primer

Product: Urban Decay Lip Primer
I've always been a big fan of Urban Decay. Not only are their products pretty but they're usually of great quality. I've been using their eyeshadow primer for a while now, so I was very excited to see that they came out with a lip primer. I had high expectation just from past experience with their other products.

Claim: Color is truer, applies smoother, lasts longer, and will not fade or feather. The easy-glide formula feels velvety-soft, without the drying feeling often associated with long-lasting lip color. The formula includes SPF 15 (yay!) and moisturizing Vitamins A, C and E for a primer that protects and perfects. And, Urban Decay's pretty roll-up tube and slanted bullet make for precise, easy application.

Price: $ $
I bought this at Ulta for $20

Packaging: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
This lip primer comes in a small, purple, metallic tube with silver flowery design. You twist the tube to reveal the primer. This contains only 0.07 oz of product.

  • Nice packaging
  • Has SPF 15 & Vitamins
  • Made my lipstick color seem truer
  • Gives the lipstick color something to hold on to
  • No Feathering
  • Does not apply smoothly or glide on easily
  • Makes my lips feel dry
  • Pricey
Final Verdict: ♥ ♥
I'm torn about this product. I think my expectations for it were to high and it just didn't meet them. The only great thing about it was the packaging. Everything else was kind of *blah*. This primer did not glide on to my lips when I applied it. It has a consistence of thick wax. It tugged on my lips. I had to apply it a little bit at a time. I even tried to warm it up my quickly rolling the tube between my hand but it didn't help in trying to make it glide on smoother. Because it was so thick, it felt like my lips were dry. It didn't dry my lips, it just felt that way.
As far as it's claim to make your lipstick last longer, it does but not by much. My lipstick just faded at a slower pace. With legless it really didn't help at all. I will say that my lipstick or lip gloss didn't feather. I will say that the lipstick seem to be attracted to this primer. It does give a truer lipstick color because it gives it something to hold on to. Over all I wouldn't buy this product again.


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