Sunday, June 6

10 Must Have Beauty Tools ( Non Brushes)

These are my 10 must have non brush beauty tools. I wanted to keep it small and have an even number so I started the list with six. Then I really want to add 2 more things so it went up to eight. At eight we might as well go to ten and have nice, even, whole number. So here's my list. This is not in any particular order.

Tweezers: Because your eyebrows aren't going to shape themselves. Find a good tweezer with an angled tip to grip unwanted hairs at any direction.

Eyelash Curler: Unless you one of the few people with naturally curly lashes, you're going to need some help.

Wedge Sponge Applicator: Its great for applying liquid and cream makeup and after use you can just throw it away.

Q-Tip: So unappreciated but great for a lot of things... clean up smudges, create a smokey look, apply makeup, remove makeup, etc.

Powder Puff: I like these for apply powder (especially to set foundation) instead of a brush. It really presses the powder on with an even application.

Oil Absorbing Sheets: If you're prone to get shiny (basically everyone) this is a must have. They're easy to carry around and allows you to freshen up your look through out the day.

Cotton Pads: Because we have to remove out makeup eventually. These are better then cotton balls because it hold enough liquid makeup remover without absorbing it all and has a larger surface area.

Two Hole Pencil Sharpener: Pencils eventually get dull so we need to get them back into shape. And most make up pencils come in 2 sizes.

Magnification Mirror: We all need to see ourselves to put make up on. This mirror is good because it gives you a close up look of your face so you don't miss anything.

Toothpick/Flossers: Nothing messes up a look like broccoli in your teeth. These little guys are great for going out and keeping your smile right.


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