Monday, May 3

Sigma Brushes

I got my 1st set of more professional makeup brushes. After debating about it for the past month I finally decided to order a Sigma Brush set from I've only started getting serious with makeup about 2 years ago and I've never had any good brushes. The brushes I've collected were drugstore brand brushes like Studio 35 and others I can't even remember the brand from. They weren't the best quality but they were enough at the time. Now that I'm more involve with makeup & beauty, I wanted to have the right tools to work with. If you have great quality makeup, it won't apply as well if you're using low quality brushes.
The reason I decided to buy Sigma Brushes was because I was hearing good reviews from TiffanyD and EnKore , etc. Also some makeup brushes are kinda expensive (i.e. MAC, Japonesque, Studio Gear, Sephora) and I found that these brushes are reasonably priced. I bought the Sigma Makeup Professional Brushes Complete Kit (12 brushes) with the Brush Roll for $89. You could buy 2-3 MAC brushes at that price. So these brushes are very affordable. I bought the kit in black but there is also one in pink. The kit comes in a mess bag with a pamphlet about the brushes and brush cleaning. So here's is what I thing about this product.
Brush Roll: Leather like material that is soft to the touch and closes with a clasp. On the inside it can hold 15 brushes and has a flap to cover the brushes.

Powder Brush (SS150): A large but soft dense brush that is good for applying powder, but I wouldn't use it for loose powder. The brush head is shape sorta like a paddle and has natural bristles. There wasn't any fallout when I washed the brush but there was a little bit of fallout (like 2 strands) when I used it.

Duo Fiber Brush (SS187): A soft blend of synthetic and natural bristles. Good for stippling liquid foundation for an airbrush look but can also be used to apply blush, highlight, or loose pigment. I had a few fall outs with this brush.

Angled Contour Brush (SS168): An angled brush with natural bristles that is good for applying blush and contour shades. I had a little bit of fall out when I used and washed it. It's very soft and really picks up makeup.

Foundation Brush (SS190): A flat, synthetic brush that comes to a point. Good for applying liquid or cream foundation. I didn't have any fallout but I found that sometimes when I used it, it felt kinda "pokie".

Concealer Brush (SS194): A small, tapered, synthetic brush that is good for precise application. It is soft so it won't poke sensitive areas like under the eye. I didn't have any fallout with this brush.

Blending Brush (SS224): A round, tapered brush with natural bristles. Great for blending eyeshadow and soft. This was the biggest disappointment. It had MAJOR fallout. I have cheaper brushes that didn't fallout as much as this did.

Large Shader Brush (SS252): A flat tapered shape brush with natural bristles. Good for applying eyeshadow all over the lid, cream shadows, and pigment. I had no fallout with this brush. It's soft but can be "pokie" you get it the wrong way.

Medium Angled Shader Brush (SS275): A flat, angled brush with natural bristles. A soft brush for applying eyeshadow. I did not have any fallout.

Eye Shading Brush (SS239): A soft, flat but dense, dome shaped brush. It has natural bristles and is good for applying any kind of eyeshadow. This did not have any fallout.

Pencil Brush (SS219): A soft natural bristle brush that comes to a point. Good for applying eyeshadow on the inner corner, crease, outer corner, and under the lash line. I had no fallout.

Small Angled Brush (SS266): A small angled synthetic brush. Good applying gel or cream liner or as an eyebrow brush. It's so so it does not tug on the skin and it didn't have any fall out.

Eyeliner Brush (SS209): A very small precise brush that comes to a point. Made with synthetic fiber that is good for lining the eye with gel or cream liners. Can also be used as a lip brush. This did not have any fall out.

Final Verdict
Pro: All soft, good quality, and versatile.
Con: SS224- Major Fallout, SS190- Can be "pokie"
Buy Again: Yes
Price: At $89 for a 13 piece kit it's affordable
Packaging: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
Overall: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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