Tuesday, February 22

The 19 Best Concealers

If there's anything worth investing in for flawless skin, it's one of these secret face makeup weapons

To con•ceal/ Verb

1. Keep from sight; hide.
2. Keep (something) secret; prevent from being known or noticed

Why did we momentarily blast you back to a pre-college past with some SAT definition prep? Well, because life was an oyster then, wasn't it? No, no, we kid. It was to argue that "to conceal," in its plain context and without the negative connation that it's usually associated with (read: weapons and lies), is a great ability. Bags, blemishes, redness and under-eye circles aren't your friends. But, face makeup like concealer that allows you to cover them, is not only your friend, but also perhaps your closest confidant.
To help you find your new best kept face makeup secret "friend," we rounded up the highest rated concealers as reviewed by Total Beauty readers. These consumer-favorite makeup products go above and beyond to keep your skin looking flawless. But before we "out" the makeup concealers that came out on top, check out these quick tips for natural-looking concealer application:
• Makeup artist Patty Bunch says instead of globbing on a ton of concealer for under-eye circles, combine a light, moisturizing concealer with your face lotion so that it doesn't look so dry and caked on.

• For the most natural makeup finish, apply your concealer before your foundation. After you hide your pimples and skin discolorations, make sure to blend a bit of cream around the sides of your nose, where even if you don't have broken capillaries, you often get unflattering shadows.
Now, see the 19 best concealers. You won't want to apply face makeup without them.
By Anna Jemenez


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