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16 Best Maybelline Products by Total Beauty

16 Best Maybelline Products

"Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline." Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves -- that ubiquitous adage is forever embedded into our brains. But beyond a catchy ad campaign are exceptional beauty products to back it up. And the proof is in the pudding because our readers give high marks to tons of Maybelline products from powders and polishes to lip and eye makeup

Incidentally, Maybelline is the official cosmetic sponsor for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, which makes its move to Lincoln Center this September and we've got some insider-y makeup tips from top runway artists to share with you -- combine them with these winning products and you're sure to look totally put-together and gorgeous:

Tip 1: To help your lip color last all day, apply lipstick with a lip brush and top it with a coat of translucent powder -- three times in a row. It won't budge. You can top with gloss if you'd like. -- Amy Nadine, head makeup artist for mark cosmetics

Tip 2: To make skin glow as if you've been drinking 10 glasses of water a day, highlight cheekbones with a frosted off-white shadow. -- Gregory Arlt, makeup artist for MAC

Tip 3: To tone down a too bright cheek stain, apply a touch of foundation over the stain to give cheeks a more subtle flushed finish -- like you just pinched your cheeks. -- Lori Taylor, Smashbox Regional Training Executive

Tip 4: Under sweltering conditions, don't continuously powder your face or the result will look cakey. Wait until just before you're ready to go out, then blot excess moisture and set with powder. -- Lisa O'Connor, makeup artist

Tip 5: If you want a matte lip look without buying a new shade, simply dust a bit of powder over your lipstick to tone down the shine. -- Sharon Gault, makeup artist for Smashbox

Tip 6: If you don't know what you're going to wear, keep makeup simple, clean and not too done. Apply a touch of an earthy color (such as sage green) on the lids and keep the rest of your face neutral. -- Lisa O'Connor, makeup artist

Tip 7: For a full brow look, even if you've over-plucked, grab brow powder in a shade that matches your brows and a brow brush. Start by brushing brows up, then fill in with powder under the arch for a more pronounced look. -- Sharon Gault, makeup artist

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By Molly Roemer


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